An Open Letter To Sadaukin Shinkafi Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

I read without an iota of dismay your rather long rhetorical piece on your adventure to the “core north”, it was interesting to see you write in a way unusual to your character.

I was almost weakened by your sudden sober tone and your “new” perception of “building bridges” and peaceful coexistence. It really gave me hope of not giving up on anyone regardless of how mentally retarded or disable they seem.

I was particularly perplexed to learn how you made a swift u-turn on your views on the “RUGGA” system as practiced in your new home.

I always thought you had a reason to hate it so much and would never have imagined all your rantings were based on mere ignorance and subjective linings devoid of any knowledge of the system.

It means you detested and bashed the system for no just cause. Anyway that was then.

Now that you are part of us please know that it’s not in our character to speak without facts and knowledge.

You must now learn about “Justice in Speech” we can’t have a Sadaukin who talks before he thinks or checks.

I was so happy for you as you met the Sultan of Sokoto, meanwhile he’s the ‘third’ not ‘fourth’ you can’t afford not to know how to address the Sultan. Remember you’re now part of the Caliphate.

I have always admired the finesse in your writings but never have I been carried away not to notice rats when I read them. It’s disheartening that you described this same man in the most derogatory terms.

This reminds of my research methodology class, my teachers taught me to work on the Introductory chapter last, whenever I asked why? they would always reply “you can’t introduce a person you don’t know”.

How could you have talked about a Sultan you never met. Please as Sadauki remember not to do that again.

It’s not in our culture to praise or denigrate individuals in stack ignorance. As a member of the Caliphate you may now need to learn more about the Sultan and reset your initial impoverished idea of he is and what he stands for, please.

I m sure you’ll begin to read deeply about the Caliphate and off course this would paint you an original picture of the Revered Shaykh Usmanu Danfodiyo.

I m sure you’ll get to know he wasn’t a Genocidal Maniac and Terrorist as you asserted.

I m sure you’ll do truth the honor of taking back your callous words and statements against the Shaykh. I expect and suggest you do this in print.

Since it’s all about bridge building I would expect you know the efforts needed to build a bridge is tougher than destroying the bridge.

Since it’s time to build bridges after decades of blowing it up with condescending verbal fireworks I m sure you would know the value of taking back your initial negative words on the Shaykh…. especially the Shaykh🙏

I m not calling on you to believe what you don’t but asking you simply get schooled through the authentic history of the Jihad of Shaykh Usmanu Danfodiyo.

You have misled millions of people to a Wrong Distorted and Mischievous perception of the Jihad of the Shaykh and by implication the History of the Caliphate.

You must understand the position of the Caliphate to Muslims in this part of the World. A tip of the Iceberg is the dependence of the Commencement of the Ramadan fast as a pillar of Islam.

We welcome you as we build this bridge together. We commend the Emir of Shinkafi and remind him to carve his name in the canals of our history by dwelling on you to change the perception of the millions of people misled by your wrong assertions and vilifying comments on the Dynasty of Shaykh Usmanu Danfodiyo.

The least is to re-write the many fake articles you have written on the Caliphate. I m sure that would not be difficult for you to do as we now build bridges we once destroyed.

May Allah guide us all.

Your Respected Brother
Shadi Sabeh
Writing From
The Seat of the Caliphate

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