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Your Rented Crowds A Sign Of Failure, Galadima Reacts To APC Rally In Bakura

The Sole Administrator of Shinkafi local government area of Zamfara state Hon. Muhammad Galadima (Garkuwan Shinkafi) said the APC rally in Bakura is nothing but a sign of failure as they don’t have supporters withing the state.

Bell media and films correspondent from Sokoto, Aminu umar who monitored the rally in Bakura reported that the rally received large attendance from Sokoto and Kebbi state, sponsored by some APC stalwarts from Zamfara to beautify the events, as he noticed some vehicles conveying externals supporters to Bakura chanting and shouting for APC power.

In Another Development, Abdullahi Ladan from sokoto who came with 15 18 seaters Bus from sokoto complained of lacked of payment for 3,000 Naira to the people he brought from sokoto promised by APC to attend the rally in Bakura.

Same disappointments happened to Malama Raliya who attended the rally with about 400 people from Gwandu, Argungu, all from kebbi state who bitterly complained of same lack of logistics from APC, what will I tell these people i brought? How can i convince them now? Absolutely, the arrangements is not the way it is right now, Malama Zulai said.

Galadima said, he really sympathize with the rented crowds ordeals, and advised that they should never allow any body to use them for such empty promises in future.

Meanwhile, Zamfara state PDP Immediately directed some of its members in charge of welfare to Bakura to immediately provides logistics to some of the stranded crowds to enable them go back to their rented destinations

From the APC rally in Bakura Aminu Umar reported for Bell media and films.
published by CEO Sani Nasiru Makari.

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