Fed Govt Workers Express Frustration Over Unpaid January Salaries

Federal government employees in Nigeria have voiced their discontent to the authorities regarding the delayed payment of their January salaries.

As the citizens grapple with severe poverty and soaring living costs, the government’s failure to disburse the salaries for the previous month has exacerbated the situation.

Workers lament that this delay marks an unprecedented occurrence, surpassing even pre-pandemic times when they faced other challenges while diligently fulfilling their duties from home.

The Office of the Accountant General of Nigeria attributes the delay to logistical issues in promptly gathering employee information each month.

In response, the workers urge understanding from the government while emphasizing the pressing need for their salaries to be disbursed without further delay.

This prolonged non-payment adds to the existing hardships endured by the populace, particularly amidst the withdrawal of fuel subsidies, which has led to increased unrest and financial strain.

Nigerians continue to endure a stagnant living standard reminiscent of conditions over a century ago, placing undue stress on families across the nation.